DotNetNuke vs Umbraco Fight the more popular ASP.NET CMS war

The Race for the most popular CMS is on. We care about our websites, therefore we need to stay updated and try our best to continuously improve, based on measurement and analytics. We want our website to serve multiple audiences, grow to a bigger organization with much content, managed perfectly well and also make sure our website content is distributed via other channels such as the social web. For all this ASP.NET CMS plays a vital role and forms integral part of Microsoft’s .NET vision.

Business can be improved for better through procedures. CMS organizes data and represents them in a predefined manner. These CMS are fully flexible, one can modify as per your need. Beginners can comfortably work on this framework and any novice can manage and edit these CMS with ease.

DotNetNuke is a framework which helps certified CMS developers in deploying interactive, customized, feature-rich, web sites and applications in Microsoft .NET. This CMS enables businesses to quickly build menu-driven interface that allows non-technical users to easily create new sites or extend the functionality and features of their existing web site. It is avialable for free. DNN has a very active community and is supported by a vast community of talented programmers. It is one of the easiest, most cost effective solutions for managing any company’s website. In usability point it is the best framework people reach out for, non-technical users can change their content easily, by adding pages, changing layout and adding new features etc in a smooth way without much info. There are 8000 modules in DNN which can customize the website look and feel as well as its functionality. It is extremely scalable as any website can grow to much larger websites with DotNetNuke. There is no limit to the growth. It even can change the way it behaves, one can easily extend it. It is most recognized CMS which powers over 400,000 portals, extranets, intranets and public web sites. More than 700,000 registered members support this platform. There are over 7 millions of downloads done and download rate is 1 in every 5 seconds for DotNetNuke.

Umbraco is built upon Microsoft’s .NET Framework and more than 155,000 sites trust Umbraco. This CMS runs on cloud system and it supports multiple sites in a single instance of installation. There are more than 85000 installations of Umbraco which are active around the web. It gives out of box solutions, which means it gives you access to your google analytics statistics , has the ability to create your own reports from the metrics and dimensions, can implement the Umbraco ecommerce solution using only XSLT / Razor, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Net solutions perform better when it comes to high volume of traffic/extensive use. It supports bigger sites on web. Commercial community support is on the rise with this CMS. No doubt, Umbraco CMS development is the buzzword in the CMS world.

These ASP.NET CMS options be it DotNetNuke or Umbraco are most popular ones on the market. We must ensure that we target specific needs and requirements when we decide to choose among them. Umbraco has an easy editor microsoft word, where users are most comfortable in. It provides a high-quality and highly functional CMS. Umbraco has high requirements for hosting, so it is difficult to find a “shared” hosting environment that will support it. Its newer versions better support various browsers like Safari and Firefox. There are good plugins available and a management system built into Umbraco. Umbraco is better than dotnetnuke in speed.

Well DotNetNuke is no less inferior. Based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET it is the most popular web technology currently. It is cheap to use and reduces total development costs – no ongoing licensing fees required. It gives full access to source code so it can be altered to fit individual organizations. We can manage text, image, documents, links, events, news, banner ads and threaded info. It supports multiple, multilingual websites. And is scalable and provides user friendly interface which manage site hosting, content, security, web design, membership in one program. All these feature make both the CMS popular and in demand. It will be a tough phase for users to choose between these two CMS – DotNetNuke or Umbraco, which will be best to fit to their business.

If you would like to know more about our Umbraco CMS development expertise or you would like to try us on a small project like DNN Skin Customization, contact us at Mindfire Solutions.


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